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Wooden Judaica from Israel
Handcrafted works of Oleg Sidorovich "Hanukiah" and "Aron Kodesh"

About Oleg Sidorovich and his Art
Welcome to the Wooden Judaica!
My name is Oleg Sidorovich, and I was born in Siberia. At the end of 2000, I Repatriated from Moldova to Israel. Since 2001, I am dealing with wooden carving in the field of Judaica.

My exclusive projects are presented on the Wooden Judaica Web-site:

“Aron Hakodesh” (2003 – 2004). Red Beech. Fragment.
Central part: Panel – 2.70m x 1.35m; Crown – 0.77m x 0.66m.

“Hanukiah” (2004 – 2010). Red Beech. 1.75m x 0.95m – On sell!

In the real time, a new “Aron Hakodesh” project was developed.

Your comments and offers can be sent to my E-mail address: woodenjudaica@gmail.com

With Gratitude,
Oleg Sidorovich,
Phones: (972) 3 9230901; (972) 58 5433506, Israel.


Project Hanukiah Step by Step

Aron Kodesh

If you have any questions regarding my works, or would like to get the price and check availability please contact us by calling or emailing and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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